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About ProVirBuServ

A brief introduction about ProVirBuServ…

About ProVirBuServ

Our Digital Approach

About ProVirBuServ – Our approach to Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Services is centred around Learning, Growing & Succeeding with Your Users! From Social Media Strategy to Social Media Management, ProVirBuServ was established more than 18 years ago. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible results to help build & expand your business.

We also give out free advice and tips weekly via our social media channels, and we provide some free training periodically to enhance your business. We provide so much value for our clients so everything about ProVirBuServ is excellent! Who doesn’t want FREE things!?

Talking about free things, not everything about ProVirBuServ is free, of course. However, we gift enough freebies to get your results to that you can see the value we offer without any obligation!

So what about ProVirBuServ? We do everything regarding Digital Marketing and Virtual Assitant Services. This includes any type of paid advertising, organic growth of social media accounts, groups, and pages, engagement with your followers, any kind of writing from blogs, webpages to academic articles, books, ebooks, and many more…

We also do proofreading and editing of our writing work so that you can get a high-quality result that is also SEO optimised for the highest possible rankings on all search engines and social media platforms.

We service small, medium & large businesses… Locally, Nationally & Internationally. Our Tech Support is open 24/7 to provide quick solutions to any related issues that may arise.

We tailor-make any solution for your specific business needs and can create unique packages. We use the best software and hardly ever free versions as they have too many limitations. We don’t want to be throttled when doing your work, and we want you to see results and prosper in your business!

What about ProVirBuServ sets us apart from our competition is not only our world-renowned expertise in virtual assistant services and decades of experience but also our phenomenal after-sales service, which is unparalleled. We even have a Live Chat function which means we are always available in case you have urgent questions.

So with that peace of mind and everything else mentioned above, what more do you want? What are you waiting for? Do you need more proof? Check out our portfolio page for some actual results! You can view our Privacy Policy Here!

About ProVirBuServ – Our Awesome Team

Hein V

Hein V

Founder & CEO

Working with international clients from all walks of life and different cultures, has been a great pleasure throughout the years.

Veronica R

Veronica R

Co-Founder & COO

It is always a pleasure to work with people from all over the world, it has been a joyride, and so much fun & excitement!

Jennifer M

Jennifer M

Head of Design (Ambassador UK)

I’m a stubborn, yet dedicated individual and I love beautiful things. I like working with different designs & colours.

Leigh-Anne B

Leigh-Anne B

Head of Sales (Ambassador USA)

I am a people’s person and thus socializing is my forte… I understand how people think & what they want or need!

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Our Values

Our Vision is Your Business… And Our Business is to Find Your Solution!

We are careful and have a persistent work effort.

All our staff is well educated, skilled & experienced.


Like the tale of the Tortoise & the Hare… Consistency & Quality beats instability & quantity.

What We Do Best

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Video Ads Marketing

Email Marketing

Brand Awareness

Copywriting & Content Writing

SEO & Google Ads PPC

Live Chat Support

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